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These are mixed packs containing a 1:1:1 ratio of gold, silver and copper coins. This pack contains 240 of our unique fantasy coins, 80 gold color, 80 silver color, and 80 copper color.

    • The design for the gold coin features the motifs of a longsword, a twenty-rayed sun, a five-pointed wreath, and linked rings.
    • The design for the silver coin features the motifs of a bow and arrow, eight-pointed stars, a four-leafed cross and s-shapes arranged as a rope or cord.
    • The design for the copper coin features the motifs of a war hammer, shooting stars or comets, a three-pointed caltrop, and a twisted chain. 

    240 Mixed Fantasy Coins

      • Copper Pieces: 25 mm diameter by 1.66 mm thickness, weight 5.69 g, copper-plated steel.
      • Silver Pieces: 23 mm diameter by 1.93 mm thickness, weight 5.71 g, nickel-plated steel.
      • Gold Pieces: 21 mm diameter by 2.18 mm thickness, weight 5.42 g, brass-plated steel.