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Here you can purchase our gold, silver, and copper color fantasy coins in quantities suitable for wholesale or larger events such as LARP.


Pay for coins by the thousand and specify in the order notes how many of each color you would like, in increments of 1,000. The minimum order quantity is 1,000 coins. If you would like we can provide branded packing sticky labels, please request them in the order notes.


  • The design for the gold coin features the motifs of a longsword, a twenty-rayed sun, a five-pointed wreath, and linked rings.
  • The design for the silver coin features the motifs of a bow and arrow, eight-pointed stars, a four-leafed cross and s-shapes arranged as a rope or cord.
  • The design for the copper coin features the motifs of a war hammer, shooting stars or comets, a three-pointed caltrop, and a twisted chain. 

Special Orders and Wholesale

    • Copper Pieces: 25 mm diameter by 1.66 mm thickness, weight 5.69 g, copper-plated steel.
    • Silver Pieces: 23 mm diameter by 1.93 mm thickness, weight 5.71 g, nickel-plated steel.
    • Gold Pieces: 21 mm diameter by 2.18 mm thickness, weight 5.42 g, brass-plated steel.